Vastu Tips for Home: Bring Home Positivity, Prosperity, And Peace

A house must emit the optimum type of energy in order to become a home. According to a variety of traditional beliefs, each home has its own sort of energy. People who live in a house are subject to the effects of a certain energy field, which influences them in some manner. As a result, it's critical to grasp the relationship between the healing art of Vastu and our Vastu houses in cultivating optimism and positive vibrations.

Vastu is a science that adds value to one's life and gives serenity and prosperity. Every Vastu advice has a profound scientific rationale behind it, making it more feasible to follow. 

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra literally means "the science of architecture," and it lays forth the principles of design for a home or other built-up building, as well as ground preparation, space organisation, and spatial geometry. It also incorporates Hindu (and sometimes Buddhist) religious beliefs. Vastu Shastra for house theories offers ideas and concepts for creating a living environment that is in harmony with nature, rather than being limited to rigid plan designs, including geometric patterns, symmetry, and directional alignments. 

Vastu Shastra tips and concepts are models for organising space and shape inside a room or a collection of rooms or structures based on their functions in relation to one another, as well as their purpose and usage. In addition to the bedroom, kitchen, living room, playroom, office, prayer room, and outdoor spaces, Vastu tips for homes have also been used in the construction of cities, townships, gardens, highways, waterworks, and other major public places, as well as in the design of cities and townships. 

Vastu Shastra views the home as a living soul and strives to achieve the highest degree of positive energy by balancing the five elements (earth, fire, water, space, and air). Ultimately, it is the home's energy that will have an impact on each individual's mental health.

Now, let's have a look at some Vastu tips for home:

Vastu Tips for Home:

Vastu Tips for Home Entrance:

-Positive energy tends to enter a home through an entrance facing north or northeast, according to astrology. This approach promotes growth and well-being among residents, resulting in prosperity and positive wealth.

-Naturally or artificially illuminated, a well-lit entryway creates a positive atmosphere in any home. An entryway window or a lamp or diya placed outside the entrance can provide ample light.

-A clean, well-dusted, and clutter-free entrance attracts optimism into a house. Infusing rock salt water into the entryway on a regular basis helps to prevent the doorway from becoming a neglected crevice that draws negativity.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen:

-The southeast direction is optimal for the kitchen, according to Vastu shastra, because the lord of fire (Agni) rules in this direction. In some instances, where a southeast location is impossible to achieve, a northwest direction is also an acceptable option.

-In the southeast corner of the kitchen, you must install any fire-related appliances such as gas stoves, gas ovens, toaster ovens, microwaves, and cylinders. Additionally, these gadgets need to have an angle that compels the chef to face east when using them.

-As per Vastu kitchen, it is not advisable to install culinary appliances such as gas cylinders or ovens on the same platform as a washbasin since fire and water are incompatible.

Vastu Tips for Living Room:

-Sofa sets and other heavy furniture should be positioned in the west or southwest of the living room, according to Vastu shastra. Television and other electronic equipment should be placed on the southeast side of the living room.

-If you look at Vastu Shastra colour tips for home, you will see that positive energy may be created in a home with the use of a soothing colour scheme. Consider using lighter colours in the living area, such as pastel pink, cream, beige, and white tones. To add a pop of colour to the gentle hues, pick furniture in bold colours such as turquoise, pink, or gold.

-Living room, as per Vastu, does not include any art that represents pain, grief, or sorrow to block bad energy flow. Broken items such as photo frames or mirrors, as well as equipment that no longer functions, need to go away immediately to avoid bad luck.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom:

-Vastu recommends placing the bed in the southwest corner of the bedroom, with the person's head looking in the same direction. As a result, unpleasant nightmares and energy depletion are prevented.

-After a long day at work, light colours provide a relaxing atmosphere, so consider instilling light colours in the bedroom, like you can have white or beige floor tiles.

Vastu Tips for Bathroom:

-Ideally, the shower and washbasin should be situated in the direction of the east, north, or northeast.

-Neutral tones such as brown, beige, and cream should be used in this room as well. Natural wall tiles and other bathware products can help with that.

-For the Vastu shastra home, bathroom ventilation is essential. Bathroom windows and exhaust fans should always face the northeast, allowing enough air and sunshine to flow.

Following Vastu tips for houses can be helpful for both homeowners and tenants. A Vastu-compliant home may make all the difference and offer you a happy, prosperous life. Often, following Vastu tips for houses is arduous, impractical, and even impossible. But there's no need to worry. These Vastu tips for houses are more of a guide than a set of "do-or-die" instructions.

And, as always, we at AGL are here to help with every home renovation project.