Your kitchen is more than just a place to cook, in fact it is the hub of your home where family and friends get together. Modern kitchen is not just about functionality but also about aesthetics and making just the right style statement through the modular furniture, kitchen floor, digital wall tiles or the kitchen splashback.


Innovations in tile design and printing technology now make it possible to turn your contemporary kitchen into a practical and stylish living space. Whether you are designing your new kitchen or planning to renovate your kitchen, we offer you simple and easy tips to bring the perfect balance of style, functionality and your personality. You can achieve this balance and the modern kitchen look by carefully planning the kitchen floor tiles, walls and the splashback.


Kitchen Floor Tiling:

Your kitchen literally sets the tone for your home. Therefore choosing the right type and size of vitrified floor tiles for your kitchen can do wonders for your kitchen. Large format vitrified tiles like the AGL Tiles Verona Brown (600 x1200mm) are a popular trend and make a great choice for their easy maintenance and ability to add elegance to your kitchen. While you may choose between an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen design, and maintain the golden kitchen triangle of sink, refrigerator and your gas stove, you must also prefer different type of tiling like ceramic, porcelain or composite marble for different areas of kitchen.


Kitchen Wall Tile:

Innovations in digital printing technology now offer you wide array of choices in ceramic and digital wall tiles. Kitchen wall tiles are a great way to add contemporary style to your kitchen, from artwork like the AGL Tiles Platinum Kitchen (300 x 450mm) that add personality to your kitchen to ceramic tiles like AGL Tiles Petal Grey (300 x 900mm) for their elegant look.


Kitchen Countertop & Splashback:


Composite quartz is now fast emerging as a popular choice for kitchen countertops for its versatility and benefits over granite. Similarly digital wall tiles or ceramic wall tiles like the AGL Tiles Ultra Rose décor (300x900mm) make a great choice as a kitchen backsplash.