Trendy Floor Plans for Your Home

Just like we plan out every task before performing it, our house needs a plan too! The initial sketch of the house is called the floor plan. Such pre-planned sketches help the architect, interior designer, and owner to get an overview of what the house would look like. The best-designed homes are the ones that are well planned from the beginning. This guide will brief you about what floor plans are and why are they important.

First of all, let us understand what floor plans are.

What are Floor Plans?

A floor plan is a two-dimensional (2D) diagram of a particular space with an aerial view. It is basically like a mind map that highlights the length, widths, sizes, and scales of how far different components of a room will be. A floor plan includes good quality floor tiles for flooring, measurements, walls, doorways, furniture, rooms, and fixtures like sink, furnaces, etc. This depends upon individual floor plans as some of them are also detailed; it includes notes for construction like which method will be used and symbols for electrical items as well.

Floor plans act as a guiding light for architects and interior designers and it helps them to learn about furniture layout, wiring systems, wall lengths, and size of the rooms. However, there is so much more to floor plans than this. Let us understand why are they important!

Why is Floor Plan Important?

Floor plans are essential because it is the first step for planning and building your desired space. A good floor plan will give you higher satisfaction since it has a better layout and provides a clean flow of a design that suits your comfort because that’s what beautiful homes are all about, comfort, fashion, and aesthetic value.

What are the Main factors Involved in Good Floor Planning?

Designing any space needs detailed and thorough planning, and below mentioned are a few points that you should keep in mind for good floor planning.

Flexibility in plan:

Trends, demands, and needs keep changing with time. So, whenever you’re planning to design your house, your floor plan should be such that it allows you to make changes while designing it and something that allows you to change it in the future according to the ongoing trends. You might be in need of a luxury home theatre room but be mindful; you might want to change it into your kid’s room in the future.

Size of Rooms:

While working on the floor plan, make sure you’re you decide on the size of each room. A few factors like occupancy of each room, how much furniture is to be accommodated, and the activities that will take place in that room should be considered while designing the layout of the room and while doing so, make sure you keep some space so that you don’t end up bumping into your furniture every time.

Get Your Priorities Right:

Your first priority has to be designing your house in the right way and satisfying your needs first. Luxury should be your second priority. So, while you’re designing make sure you cover all the aspects and design accordingly.

Now let’s focus on the trendy floor plans of 2022.

Trendiest Floor Plans 2022

We have listed down a few trendy floor plans for 2022.

Single Storeyed – Modern Floor Plan:

We all love being cozy and comfortable these days. We prefer comfort over luxury most of the time and so, this little yet organized single-storeyed modern floor plan is the best for a nuclear family that is looking for a space of their own by being connected to each other.

L-Shaped Floor Plan:

Such floor spaces are famous if your plot is in a corner area. It makes your house look spacious and aesthetically pleasing. This type of floor plan gives you plenty of space for room and leaves a considerable amount of open space too.

Master Bedroom With Private Balcony:

This is the trendiest floor plan of all. Everybody loves big balconies, especially when it comes to such needed privacy. Imagine your master bedroom with a private balcony. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Yes, it surely does. The next time you’re revamping your house, make sure you incorporate these floor plan designs in it.

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Efficient circulation of light and air along with good storage space makes a successful floor plan.

Trendy floor plans of 2022 are as follows:

  • Single Storeyed – Modern Floor Plan
  • L-Shaped Floor Plan
  • Master Bedroom With Private Balcony

In architecture, a floor plan is a technical drawing with perfect scaling. It shows a 2D overview of the relationship between the rooms, spaces, and other physical features at one level of structure.

If you’re good at planning, an architect isn’t required. Your local building authorities require one. But in urban areas, you may need an architect or engineer to sign off on your plans.