marble tiles

Installing tiles is not a cakewalk. It takes professional experience. Just like thinking creatively is necessary while choosing tiles, technical knowledge is also crucial while installing tiles. Laying tiles does not mean placing them on wet concrete floor. Installing tiles involves a lot of labour. However tiles are packaged nicely and transporting them is not difficult, one needs to be extremely careful while laying them.


Let’s look at a few points to consider while laying tiles:


1. Arrange them symmetrically

Arranging tiles in a symmetrical manner is very necessary. Tiles cannot be easily adjusted on the floor. Sometimes they need to be properly furnished to adjust them into small spaces. The sharp edges need to be given a curve if necessary.


2. Let there be no gaps

Ceramic tile needs to be installed over a subfloor which is less than 1 1/8 inches thick. It is essential to know the basic idea of flooring. Even a slight gap between them can chip off the corner and further damage the whole look. Imagine chipped tiles on your floor, wouldn’t that look unappealing? Thus, it’s best to take care when the labourers are laying the tiles.


3. Protect from damages

It is essential for home-owners to know the correct way to lay them to keep a check on labourers. It is possible that sometimes the labourers would work in an unprofessional manner to wind up their construction. This can hamper the application of tiles and cause damage. These tiles can later chip or break or even collapse completely.


4. Leave it for sometime

After applying tiles, it is necessary to leave the space as it is for some time. Hence, it’s highly recommended to start applying them from the corner and end it on the place from where you can easily move out of the space. Moving over tiles that are recently applied can ruin their positioning and alignment. Thus, it is best to leave the place alienated for a while.

5. Don’t throw away the leftover tiles

Do not throw away the leftover edges of tiles. It is better to save these edges and strips for future use. These can also be used to fill the corners on the wall or to stick on the lower end of the wall for a better finish.

These are certain things to keep in mind before laying tiles. Install tiles seamlessly in your homes and make it look timeless.

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