Composite marble is a beautiful way to furnish your floors. It uplifts the look of your space completely. However, it’s important to consider all its properties before installing it.

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  • • Properties of Marble

Features of Composite Marble:

1. Physical Features

It is recommended that you test for stains and cracks before choosing composite marbles for your home. An artificially colored stone is normally covered with a sealant to preserve the color intact. Although natural stone is raw, it shows scratches easily. So it's best to scratch the surface and try it out. Select slabs of similar dimensions so that they can be laid evenly on the floor. It is also important to buy only quality slabs that have been tested Hiring skilled laborers to lay the marbles are also important. If done in an improper way, the floor could end up looking shabby and lead to easy breakages.

2. Marble floors are cold

Composite Marbles have properties which keep them cool throughout the year. It is because Marble conducts heat differently from other tiles. Marble is a tough, hard stone, making it easier for heat to transfer from a warm element, such as the soles of our feet. Hence, you should be careful if you’re installing it in your rooms as that could affect your health in the long run. This quality makes composite marbles suitable for warm climates. If installed in a home surrounding a cold climate, it could result in discomfort.

But, if you still want to consider composite marbles despite living in cold climates, here’s what you can do:

  • 1. Buy area rugs: they are natural insulators
  • 2. Natural lighting: make sure that the room is exposed to direct sunlight
  • 3. Install a fireplace: it won’t only increase the room temperature but will also elevate your home décor.

3. Variety of composite marbles

Composite Marbles are known for their unmatched luxury. They are available in a number of patterns and designs. They are natural derivative, each stone has different patterns. It makes the Marbles unique and important to you. Choose the right stone with the right pattern for your house.

If you're looking to re-design your rooms, install plain Marbles, which makes the room look more spacious. Whereas, if you renovate any part of your home, introduce Marbles with textures and patterns.

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4. Marble Care and Maintenance

Composite Marbles are one of the most robust floorings in the world. However, they must be preserved. Special care and maintenance is needed. Every day, the floor needs to be mopped along with the vacuum to clean the debris. Using stone cleaners once in a while proves to be more effective. Nevertheless, avoid acidic agents as they may destroy the marble in the long run.

Follow a simple procedure and keep the Marble flooring well-maintained for a longer duration.

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