Have you ever exclaimed while glancing at any swimming pool how beautiful that area is! Have you ever thought what is so striking about that area which fascinates the most of us? The pool itself, its sparkling water, the surrounding greenery, the recliners and of course, the deck! The major components of a swimming pool area that make it look beautiful are the pool itself and the floor around it.

The floor tiles or pavers have the power to add a wow factor to the pool-side area. There are many types and tile designs that can be used for this outdoor area. You may choose your favorite from a lot of variants in color, size, shape and texture. Consider a few points below:

1. Make it picturesque with AGL tiles


AGL has an immense variety of outdoor tiles some of which are perfect to pave in the pool-side area of your house. Pick a tile look that has a natural matt stone effect- maybe in ivory or honey tint? It goes really well with the sparkling blue water.

2. Combine two shades of same tile design


You can also choose outdoor tiles of two different shades to make various design styles. Think of different styles and then, pick the one which, you think, would look best with other elements of your porch or backyard. These kinds of outdoor tiles add sophistication to the space. Also, their rich shade variations enhance the look and feel of the outdoor area.

3. Add a dramatic effect!


As we have said in the above idea, this is another design variation of using the similar tiles of two different shades. It would give a more dramatic effect to the pool-side area. To match up and add an essence of nature, you might also have incorporated some green bushes. This would also keep the pool deck cool even in the hot summer days.

4. Light colors are in!


Color combination plays a vital role. Lighter colors for outdoor tiles are the best option for the poolside area and its one of the reasons include that they keep the heat away. However light-color tiles may have stains, they can be easily removed with floor cleaners.

5. Keep it cool in summer!


As it is an outdoor area, it is going to be hot especially in the summer. If you want to avoid the hot-foot, install light-color tiles as. Needless to say why it’s a NO to the glossy floor tiles! You need to pave the anti-skid tiles of matt finish so that they aren’t prone to slip.

So, when are you going to throw the next pool party?