Kitchen floor tiles

Tiles are used everywhere of varying types— Ceramic, Marble, Slate, Wood, and so on. But are they safe to be installed outdoors especially during monsoon? Despite the magnificence of these tiles, are these tiles safe to be used outdoors? In this case, anti-skid vitrified tiles work the best. They have an anti-slip floor coating to withstand high friction even when the surface is wet and soapy. This prevents any possibility of slipping. The anti-skid vitrified tiles are well-suited for the outdoor purpose also because they'redurable and lend a way of timelessness to the designs.

Here are five reasons why you ought to use anti-skid vitrified tiles this monsoon 2020:

1. Prevent accidents

Traditional tiles with smooth surfaces make people susceptible to accidents. When water or any quite substance coats these smooth-surfaced tiles, they become slippery and dangerous for people around. Especially, for the senior members of the family, the normal tiles can become hazardous. The Anti-skid vitrified tiles are moisture resistant. So, even when they’re wet, these tiles pre-empt to skidding.

2. Less friction

As the surface of those anti-skid vitrified tiles is porous, it can withstand spills and moisture which successively reduces the friction. It makes walking on them easier and slipping on these floors highly unlikely.

3. Low maintenance

It's a very important aspect to consider when you prefer a systematic approach towards cleanliness. Anti-skid vitrified tiles are water and stain-resistant. Cleaning them up is easy.

4. Lasts longer than other tiles

Anti-skid vitrified tiles last longer than other traditional tiles due to their thickness and high resistance toward water and stains. The lustre of the tiles remains the same over time. Their weathering process is slow because of their durability. They don’t get scratched easily, either.

5. Easy to install

Installing these tiles is quick and is finished faster.

Walking on a surface that’s slippery is dangerous because it is prone to accidents. So, when it comes to choosing anti-skid tiles, choose wisely!

AGL Tiles have made this choice easy for you by introducing the anti-skid vitrified tiles that are affordable and at the identical time stylish.Theyare available in varying colors, several textures, and sizes. For a fact, other than flooring, these tiles are used for walls, too.

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