Kitchen floor tiles

You do not buy a sports car if you do not like speed. In the same, the things we choose to have in our home have a lot to say about us. They are the direct reflection of us and represent us. They define our taste, our outlook on life, express our aspirations, our needs, and ethics. The same is when it comes to choosing a bathroom furniture unit. They are more than just color or style.

Choose bathroom furniture as per your requirements. We have mentioned below a few points that will help you fulfill daily needs:

1. A Furniture Unit

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The most disorganized spot of the home is below the basin area. While most people fail to keep it tidy, that space can be occupied in a very creative way. Make the most of the space. Place a compact furniture unit with good storage capacity under the basin. Bathroom furniture with a space-saving trap and drawers are the perfect solution to make the most of the available space.

2. Basin With An Integrated Shelf

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If you have a small bathroom with limited storage, then it is best to take advantage of every space available. For this very purpose, choose a basin with integrated shelf, make sure you have them always close to your sanitary ware. For the style purpose, many prefer Pedestal sinks as they are lovely to look at, but the biggest loss is that they lack bathroom storage. So, consider replacing it with a wall-mounted basin with an integrated vanity cabinet instead.

AGL offersbathroom furniture with a similar lightweight look that will add storage facilities like drawers, cabinets or a combination of both.

3. Column Units

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Taking up the top or bottom section of the bathroom’s precious territory is important - the column units do the same in our bathroom. Review your space and look for opportunities to add column units. Keep the look light as shown in the concept above. Light colors like beige, white, cream are becoming the ideal solution of the storage cabinet to solve the space dilemma.

4. Mirror Cabinets

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The mirror cabinet is known as an additional shelf that can be used to keep your grooming routines. Don’t forget to add a place to store towels or tissues that we use continuously. Find such collections at AGL Tiles that will provide extra functionality while keeping up with the trendiest design. With us, make your bathroom space the talk of the town, in a good way of course!

5. Auxiliary Units

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If you do not know, let us remind you that small spaces can be extremely versatile, especially if you thought of them as unusable. One of the ways is using the auxiliary unit! Finding a space for an auxiliary unit is basically easy - use your imagination, look towards that corner of your bathroom that you were not paying attention to and there it is.

We are sure to make things easy for you without losing the balance between affordability and designs that your bathroom deserves. What are you waiting for, look for the amazing collection here!

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