You spend a lot of your time in your living room, so not only does it have to look nice, but it has to be functional and comfortable as well. Mastering this perfect combo may, of course, be a design challenge, but we have rounded out the most successful front room examples to inspire your own decorative projects. From sleek and formal spaces to open and rustic settings, there's an idea for the living room décor that you'll need to have in your home below.

Continue reading for 8 trendy designer living room tips, ideas, and suggestions for spaces of any size.

1. Striking Simplicity

living room decor

A soft piece of furniture, dreamy lighting, and a soothing neutral palette create a welcoming environment for families to relax and enjoy.

2. Garden Views

white living room decor

Subtle floral motifs integrated into the living room with dreamy views of lush gardens outside. Create a floral slipcover for the sofa. Dining table and antique chairs flanked by mirrors and lamps for amazing look and feel.

3. Colourful light fixture

living room design

Upgrade an unattractive, antique light fixture to a whimsical touch with a few coats of paint, round bulbs, and pom-pom fringe. Strong overhead colours incorporate the eclectic feel of the space.

4. Low furniture

living room modern decor

Short pieces, like this tufted sofa, retain a comfortable open floor plan. Use area rugs to describe individual "rooms" in the space.

5. High-contrast living room

interior design ideas for living room

An accent wall made of dark charcoal tiles stands out boldly which makes it even more elegant. Or maybe just black, white, and gold! Deep blacks contrast warm whites with accents of gold to create a glamourous scheme.

6. Minimalist living room

tiles design for hall

Living room 2020 is about minimalist design. A pair of chairs or a sofa set, may be marigold-coloured rug, large-sized floors tiles, glass windows, and you can have light beige curtains. Just perfect!

7. Multi-colour living room

modern living room ideas

Create a splash with a multi-colour designs in your living room. For a retro-inspired look, combine with teal cushions and floor lamps, make use of wooden furniture and a traditional drawing to evoke modern India. You can have a vibrant living room a spot for the Modernist.

8. Accessorize

room décor ideas

Last but not least, decor. Accessories can make or break a design. It's fun to play with home decor! Pillows, artworks, candles etc. can offer a completely different atmosphere to space and add life to its timeless basics! Also, they’re the easiest to change! So, if you appear to get bored easily, accessories will be your best friends to add a touch of a fresh look and feel at a very reasonable price!

When designing our living spaces, it doesn't matter how large or small your living area is. What is crucial is that you can live comfortably and that you can express your inner designers in you!