Yoga exercise is one of the most effective ways for healthy living. If practised regularly, yoga asanas can ease ache and improve body functions. AGL Tiles believes in creating a beautiful life. Therefore we provide a range of durable floor and wall tiles for indoors and outdoors that are comfortable enough for you to perform yoga. Apart from that, below are advantages of choosing AGL Tiles:

1. Comfort while doing Yoga

You must be absolutely comfortable when doing yoga. The best way is to practice on wooden floor or tiles that provide a soft cushioning effect to your body parts. This will let you concentrate while doing the asanas. AGL floor tiles provide the much needed cushioning if you want to sit for a long time in any pose for meditation. You need to make sure that tiles are levelled properly on the floor

2. Wooden floor tile works the best

AGL wooden tiles are hands-down, one of the best options for yoga. Wood floorings are renowned for their timeless beauty, durability and barefoot-friendly surface. Wood is naturally shock-absorbent and non-skid with the right protective layer. AGL wooden tiles are refined to remove scuffs and scratches.

3. Back to nature with outdoor Yoga

Doing yoga outdoors adds a different dimension to one's exercise and combines yoga with nature. Yoga means 'union' and it seems like the union with nature only if one can truly feel it. Outdoor tiles by AGL can intensify the yoga experience in many ways.

  • •  Anti-Skid: They are coated to keep friction high even when the surface is wet or soapy. This prevents any chance of slipping while doing Yoga.
  • •  Low maintenance: Not only cleanliness is the key to yoga, but also it is paramount for your health. AGL offers tiles that require low maintenance and are easy to clean.
  • •  Anti-Bacterial: Our tiles prevent the growth of algae and fungus inside them. That is because they are non-porous in nature that avoids absorption of moisture which initiates the birth of microbes.

4. Breathe fresh air even indoors

AGL Tiles are not only easy to clean and maintain but also contribute to refreshed living due to their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This keeps the indoor air clean and fresh. Exercising in such a place transforms your mood and improves your overall performance and stamina.

Get AGL Tiles now and revolutionize your practice on International Yoga Day by infusing it with newfound vitality.