The pros & cons of Matt tiles & Gloss tiles

From guests to family members, everyone gathers in the living room to spend quality time together. It only makes sense for homeowners to beautify the living room!

The floor and wall tiles can help you redecorate your space the way you wish. AGL Tiles has exclusive collections of floor tile designs and wall tile designs for every corner of your living room. There are multiple ways to breathe life into your otherwise boring space by selecting the right tile design for the living room. Let's explore some unique and simple ways to beautify your living room using tiles!

Follow a Colour Palette

The same colour can be used to make the living room look more stylish, be it for walls, floors or even furniture. But the catch here is to use different hues and shades of that colour.

If you have selected a light colour of floor tiles for the living room, then for the wall tiles go for a darker one. Make sure to squeeze in your furniture somewhere in between to create a truly seamless look.

Homeowners can explore the wide range of floor tile designs by AGL Tiles to pick out the perfect fit. Aim to add interesting visual elements to your wall tiles design too so they stand out.

Marble + Wood

Wood and marble both are natural materials, offering a distinct yet elegant look. A great idea would be to use both wood and marble in the living room together.

The wood-look floor tiles can be paired with marble by installing it on the wall. Homeowners can also go for marble flooring and wooden tiles on the wall.

This combo of floor and wall tile design will surely be unique for your living room. Both of these materials are not only aesthetically appealing but also durable and easy to maintain.

Add Bold Colours

Introducing bold colour tiles design for the living room can liven the space by infusing vibrancy and personality. Bold hues like deep blues or fiery reds on the floor tiles can be a focal point, adding drama.

To enhance the overall look, complement these floor tiles with coordinating furniture and decor accents for a cohesive theme.

Adding ample natural light through large windows or mirrors can amplify the vibrancy. Striking wall art or statement lighting fixtures can further elevate the room's appeal.

Moreover, homeowners can also go for vibrant wall tile designs by using the wide collection of AGL Tiles.

Textured Wall Tiles

Homeowners mostly go for elegant and smooth-finish tile designs for the living room. But going for textured and digital wall tiles is also a great way to add an element of interest to the living space.

Textured tiles introduce depth, creating intriguing shadows and breaking the monotony of flat surfaces. These textured wall tiles can easily mimic various materials. Such as stone or wood, amplifying the room's aesthetic richness.

On the other hand, digital wall tiles are full of creative and bespoke patterns. At times beautiful artworks. These wall tile designs for the living room can transform the space as per your personal preference.

Such wall tile design choices redefine the living room, making it uniquely captivating.

Match Furniture, Paint and Tiles

While selecting the right floor and wall tiles for the living room, consider furniture and paint. Neutral tile design can complement various furniture colours, while vibrant tiles may clash.

The texture of the floor tiles design should be comfortable for walking on. Coordinating wall tile colours with the room's paint can create a harmonious look. Lighter wall tiles design can make a room feel more spacious, while darker tiles can add cosiness.

Lastly, ensure that the tiles' patterns and designs complement the overall aesthetics of the room. Also, make sure not to overwhelm or compete with the furniture and paint.

Tiles are meant for every nook and corner of the home but installing them in the living room is the right thing. AGL Tiles has the best collection of wall tiles and floor tiles in India. Homeowners can easily browse through a ton of tile options offered by AGL to select their ideal pick!


Consider style, colour, size, material, and durability. Match the wall tiles with the room's design, choose easy-to-clean options, and ensure they complement existing decor.

The best floor tiles for the living room should be durable, easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for your budget and style preferences. Explore the floor tiles design collection by AGL Tiles.

The choice of tile colour for a living room depends on your style and preferences. Earthy tones like beige, grey, or warm neutrals often work well, but it's subjective.

Installing floor and wall tiles in the living room can be a stylish and durable choice, enhancing aesthetics and ease of maintenance. Consider your decor preferences and lifestyle.