The pros & cons of Matt tiles & Gloss tiles

This blog discusses innovative ways to optimize your compact kitchen with innovative tile solutions. Maximize space and style effortlessly.

Everybody wants their kitchen to appear spacious, neat and inviting. But that is not possible with a poor choice of interiors, especially if the kitchen is really small. However, with some clever choices of kitchen tiles, be it wall tiles or floor tiles one can maximize space even in a small kitchen. Especially if you decide to explore the kitchen tiles collection by AGL Tiles.

Ready to maximize your kitchen space by installing tiles?

Install Light Hue Kitchen Tiles

Installing light-coloured wall tiles in the kitchen, like white or light shades, can make it look bigger and more open. Light colours reflect more light, so the room feels brighter. It gives a clean and modern look to the kitchen while making it feel spacious. Choosing light-coloured floor tiles and wall tiles helps create a big and welcoming space for cooking and hanging out with family and friends.

Large Format Tiles

Large slab tiles are a great space-saving trick for small kitchens. With fewer grout lines interrupting the visual flow, the room feels less cluttered and more open. Moreover, the larger surface area of each tile creates the illusion of a more expansive floor, contributing to a sense of spaciousness. So, yes you can easily turn your small kitchen into an absolute unit by installing large slab tiles. Explore the MarbleX collection by AGL Tiles to discover the hottest large slab tiles to renovate your kitchen space.

Choose Glossy or Polished Finish

Opt for either glossy or polished finishes for your kitchen tiles to amplify light reflection. Creating a luminous and spacious ambience. These tile finishes are ideal for brightening up your kitchen, especially for backsplashes and countertops. Glossy surfaces work wonders in bouncing light around, giving your space an airy feel. Glossy or polished tiles make small spaces look bigger by reflecting

light, adding depth and brightness. They're a stylish and practical option for kitchens, enhancing openness and creating a sleek look.

You can further enhance this look in your kitchen by installing a quartz or marble countertop. The elegance of these materials on the kitchen countertop will truly transform your kitchen into a spacious unit.

Vertical Patterns Kitchen Tiles Layout

Vertical patterns in kitchen tile layouts create an illusion of height, elevating ceilings and expanding space visually. Using tiles with vertical stripes on backsplashes or accent walls makes rooms feel bigger by drawing the eye upward. This adds grandeur to the kitchen, making it seem larger. Using vertical tile patterns in the kitchen is an easy way to make the space feel bigger and look better.

Check out 360° Tiles Visualizer by AGL to truly imagine the kitchen tiles in a vertical pattern. The tile visualizer allows you to select the desired tiles and install them in the kitchen. The customization options also include a variety of layout options to help you select the right look for your space.

Minimal Grout Lines

To make your tiled area look smoother, try using grout that matches your tile colour or keeps it close. Less contrast between grout and tiles makes lines less noticeable. Giving a neat, unified appearance. It's like colouring inside the lines neatly—everything blends together nicely. This simple trick reduces distractions and makes your space feel more put-together. This way you can ensure the grout lines help your kitchen tiles blend in instead of standing out. 360° Tiles Visualizer by AGL also allows you to customize the size and colour of the grout lines. Consider trying multiple kitchen tiles before selecting the right one.

Final Thoughts

Tiles are everything for a kitchen, they can not only visually expand the space, but can help you add a hint of style to it. Homeowners can also experiment with their desired kitchen tiles to ensure the space speaks for them.

Moreover, the durability and functionality of kitchen tiles are a bonus to their beauty. Kitchen tiles work great for kitchens of every size and type, be it small or large. So, if you wish to maximize your small kitchen space, tiles are the ultimate answer!

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Light-coloured kitchen tiles are the ultimate answer. White or beige can make a kitchen look bigger. Glossy finish tiles also work great, creating a sense of spaciousness.

For kitchens, it's best to use medium-sized tiles, around 1300x600mm. They're easy to clean, less prone to breakage, and offer a good balance between coverage and visual appeal.

Light-coloured tiles such as white, beige, or light grey can make a kitchen appear larger. These colours reflect light, creating a sense of openness and brightness, which helps to visually expand the space.

Yes, big kitchen tiles mean fewer grout lines, which paints an illusion of spaciousness. Moreover, large slab tiles are easier to clean and give a streamlined appearance, enhancing the visual appeal.