How to Design a Bathroom with White Bathroom Tiles??

The colour white in the bathroom signifies cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity, but white does not necessarily have to boring!!

You can play around with numerous colours when working with the colour white. This week we'll see how one can design a bathroom using white bathroom tiles that is bright, lively and luminous.

As the white colour tiles are neutral, you have more opportunities to create a stylish yet comfortable bathroom environment and add bold deeper hues and textures. White bathroom floor tiles and white bathroom wall tiles are evergreen tiles and so are much easier to pair with different bathroom tiles colours.

However, using plain white bathroom tiles designs can sometimes create a rather bland look that can dull out the overall aesthetic of your lovely home. To make sure it does not happen, we've come up with a few things that you need to consider before using white bathroom tiles and some white bathroom tile ideas that will make your job much easier.

So, without further ado, let's dive right in.

Less is Bore:

You must have heard that less is more, and while it is true, less can also become boring really quick. White colour is quite a versatile colour, but if not used carefully, it may seem bland. And so, add some character to your space while using white bathroom tiles; you should either add an accent wall or add black, gold, or bronze bathroom accessories.


Three different tiles are used to create an accent wall in this bathroom, and still, it is not overwhelming.


If you like minimalist bathroom design, then this monochromatic black and white bathroom wall tile design is just for you. 

Bold is Beautiful:

If you are not ready to experiment a little with your bathroom design, you are not bold enough. The bathroom is one space in your home where you can explore your creativity and bring out the quirky side without it overshadowing your decor, and so don't play safe; go bold. 


For this instance, check out how these beautiful teal- and bronze-coloured tiles complement the subtle white wall tiles design.


Similarly, the Silver Spectoet Blue Tiles by AGL is creating an alluring accent wall, and with wood-effect tiles & the white bathroom tiles, the bathroom look seamlessly beautiful. 


Combine Shades of White:

A white spa-like bathroom has now become a prominent choice for every Indian household, endeavouring to renovate the look of their bathrooms. However, a 100% white bathroom does not mean that you have to use only one shade of stark white colour. You can play around with different shades of white, and trust us; it will be beautiful. The colour white comes in a different shade, some bright and some warm, so choose according to your decor scheme. 


The Volkas White Tiles by AGL has beautiful streaks that add loads of colour and character to the bathroom.


The white and beige tiles combine creates a beautiful retreat to wash off all your worries after a long day

Texture Adds Extravagant Effect:

Another element that adds a wow effect to a plain white tile in your bathroom is the textured tiles. There is no doubt that plain white bathroom tiles look good, but when the bathroom tiles have some texture to them, they add depth to the space that makes it look extravagant.

textured tiles

The hexagon textured tiles are creating accentuating the vanity perfectly, moreover, it is also blending the cream wall tiles with the brown floor tiles nicely.


The Barca Decor textured tiles also bring depth to your bathroom. Have a look at how these tiles are used to accentuate the vanity beautifully.


White bathrooms are in trend for a long time now, and for a good reason, but that does not mean you cannot add some personalized touch. So, step up from the interior designing norms and go beyond beautiful using unique tiles from AGL.

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