Home décor tips for Diwali

It's the most anticipated time of the year and we can't help but start the festivities early. It's time to start sprucing up the house with Diwali right around the corner in anticipation of the whirl wind of visitors and relatives arriving with boxes of mithai and lip-smacking food.

Although it may not be possible to make dramatic changes at the last minute, there are plenty of ways you can dress up your home so that it looks good as new-a quick change of sheets and upholstery or adding a few accessories in no time can pretty up your decor. We show you the top five improvements you need to make to your home when time is necessary, without, of course, burning a hole in your wallet!

Elegant touch of florals

Fill your home with magical scent of new flowers. To place on the coffee table, choose an attractive and appealing vase, and make a flower centre-piece. Try to paint flowers such as lamps or lanterns, floral cushions, floral wall tiles, or other theme which complements the decor. It will also work to exquisitely arrange flowers!

Get the designer wall tiles

Renovating the house is a piece of Diwali decoration, and get the exclusive designer wall tiles on a topic that suits your decor if you have enough budget. Make sure you choose a design / theme that looks fantastic even without the decoration.

Drape string lights around doors and windows

Hang up our string lights outside your windows. That’s great for the outside, but get a Diwali feel inside your home too. The simplest you can do is, drape them around your doors and windows inside your rooms. The twinkle and soft glow are mesmerizing.

Decorate with colorful cushions

Another easy but efficient way to decorate the house is to throw in a few colourful cushions. To liven up the home, this will add a splash of colour and set a happy mood for the occasion. It will keep visitors comfy as well. The colourful cushions pictured here feature pop art designs with an Indian theme in vivid colours. The quirky designs would definitely draw attention and bring a new twist to a traditional festival. 

Diwali torans

Not only decorative items, but also auspicious elements for the season are Diwali Torans or wall hangings. You can make recycled pieces with Ganesha wall hangings or torans and create the authentic Diwali charm.

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