Give Your Bathroom an Elegant Makeover This Festive Season!

The festive season is full of sweets, gifts, new clothes, shopping, and celebrations. People also love to revamp their houses to create an appealing look for the coming festive days. While renovating living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, we often overlook the bathroom. They are one of the most useful areas in the entire house. So it only makes sense to give them a beautiful makeover!

A true bathroom makeover is more than just replacing the rugs and having a fresh coat of paint. You can easily spice up the renovation by utilizing AGL's bathroom tiles design and other products. This blog talks about interesting ways to breathe life into your bathroom!

Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Create a Natural Look

Nature is indeed beautiful, and incorporating it into your bathroom is the best way to achieve a fascinating look. The natural look always enhances the bathroom space. Because these bathroom wall tiles offer a distinct appearance compared to ordinary tiles. The natural-looking bathroom tiles won't cost you much while still fulfilling the requirement. The glossy finish of the Janero White tile of the bathroom wall tiles collection is perfect for a natural look. AGL's Grestek MarbleX is also worth trying, thanks to its multiple design options.

An Accent Wall

An accent wall is preferred by all as it serves as a core of the space wherever used. The living room and bedrooms are not the only places for an accent wall. Adding an accent wall to your bathroom is a good idea to revamp the space. All you need to do is create a contrast between the other wall's colour and tiles. You can use the decorative Butterfly Art tiles to create an accent wall. The glossy finish of this tile will stand out among other walls in the bathroom. Crook Rose Decor is another elegant wall tile design that will offer a pleasant look to your accent wall.

Bathroom Accessories

Accessories are a great way to enhance the overall look and functionality of your bathroom. The accessories look good in every colour but matching it with your bathroom colour scheme is the key to creating a seamless look. Faucets are the most commonly used item in the bathroom and it tends to get boring. To spice up the look AGL's Denver Gold range has a dozen of luxurious-looking accessories including faucets, overhead rain shower, and hand shower handle that is coated in brass. You can continue the brass theme by adding brass shelves, soap dispensers, towel rings, towel rails, tumbler handles, and more.

Mirror and Furniture

Generally, bathrooms are not the most spacious area in our house. To create an illusion of a spacious room we use white colours on the wall and big windows. A similar approach can be taken for the bathrooms as well. Instead of white colour, a mirror can be installed on the wall. A big version of the mirror will look better. The angle should be selected in a way that reflects the most light and is close to the window. The window will allow natural light, thus brightening the bathroom. Moreover, you can add shelves, cabinets, and other furniture to increase the functionality of your bathroom. AGL's bathroom furniture collection has some amazing items for your next revamp project.

These were a few ideas to renovate your bathroom this festive season and achieve an incredible look. AGL tiles provide a sophisticated range of tiles for every purpose, including the wall, floor, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor tiles. Explore the endless options and select the one that works for you the best!


Yes, a bathroom might not be the main part of the house but still, it is important. This festive season is the perfect opportunity to renovate the bathroom.

You can check out AGL's Bathware collection to explore the options. It includes opulent faucets, showerheads, soap dispensers, towel rings, and more.

Yes, it is a great way to enhance the functionality of the house by adding cabinets, shelves, etc.

If your bathroom has a window then it will naturally look spacious and well-lit. You can also add a big mirror to create an illusion of spaciousness.