Floor Tiles – How To Choose The Best Ones For Your Home

 How To Choose The Best Ones For Your Home


Flooring is one of the major considerations when you are building a new house or renovating an old one. Nowadays, most people prefer floor tiles over conventional flooring options. Tiles are cost effective and environment friendly as they are composed of clay and other recycled material.


Floor tiles are of numerous types based on their characteristics and animus of use. Here is an insight into the various types of floor tiles available for you to choose from:

  • Ceramic tiles- These tiles are made by subjecting clay to kiln firing. These are the most commonly used tiles for home and commercial purposes, and are available in glazed and unglazed variants. Glazing of ceramic tiles is done to create infinite colour combinations. The unglazed ceramic tiles are also known as quarry tiles and are inexpensive and durable.


  • Vitrified tiles- These tiles have low water porosity which makes them durable and stain resistant.


  • Porcelain tiles – These tiles are variants of ceramic tiles. Have lower water porosity and are hence more stain resistant. They come in glazed, matte and high polished variants.


  • Mosaic tiles for home: Tile mosaics enable you to experiment with your creative side to create unique designs. They are commonly used in smaller areas like bathroom and kitchen.


  • Natural stone tiles – These floor tiles are made of natural stones like granite, slate, travertine, onyx and sandstone. Many people prefer these over others to give their home an aesthetic appeal.


There are ample floor tile options available for you to choose from. However, it is important to choose the one best suited to your requirements. Here is a list of aspects you may want to consider in this regard:

  • Durability – This is the most important consideration while choosing floor tiles as they are subject to extensive wear and tear. Hence it is essential to choose the ones which have a high rating on the PEI scale used to measure durability.


  • Style – The selection of tiles for home may be done keeping in mind the overall decor. It is important to ensure that they are compatible with the overall design and style of the house.


  • Colours – You may choose the tile colour according to your taste and preference but it could help to consider few aspects. If the area is small, it is recommended to choose lighter colour tiles as they can make the space appear larger. In contrast, darker colours are best suited if you want to add warmth to the decor. Neutral colours will give you the freedom to change the furniture and furnishings anytime without having to worry about compatibility issues.


  • Texture – While choosing floor tiles, it is advisable to consider the area in which they will be used. Areas like kitchen, entryways and bathrooms are moisture prone and hence matte finished tiles may be preferred for them. Matte finish ones are less slippery and hence most suitable for such areas.


  • Choose a matching grout- Grout presents numerous colour options. For a neat and aesthetic appeal, it is recommended to choose a grout matching to the tile.


Tiles definitely can go a long way in making your home look appealing. All that is needed is a bit of research regarding selecting the right ones and you can transform the way your house looks.