Floor and Wall Tiles - Everything You Must Know!

Wall tiles and floor tiles are an integral part of any house and one needs to pay as much heed to the walls & floors as they do to the house's interior elements. One would love to personalize and make their property look distinctive in a variety of ways. When you set out to find out the best floor tile that fits well with each area can get a little challenging with so many options available.

Finding the flooring option that best suits each area can be challenging with the varieties available. Tile is an excellent alternative if you want to utilize money wisely while still having a variety of possibilities. At AGL, you will not only find a variety of designs in tiles but also variations in colours, patterns, and sizes.

If your house suffers from a water leakage problem, tiling is an excellent way to absorb water and keep your home from being overly damp. There are a lot of other advantages of tiling as it overcomes shortcomings of other layering materials.

Today we will dive into everything you need to know about floor tile, wall tile, and where you should use them. We want to help you find the best-looking tile for your home without breaking the bank only at AGL, the trusted company of all times!

Where & How to Use Floor & Wall Tiles?

Most of you would have thought that the answer to this question is quite simple; floor tiles are for floor and wall tiles are for walls. But, here we are trying to make you understand the in-trend interiors using our tiles.

When you start shopping for your home, keep the kind of interior you want in your mind. This will give you clarity about the kind of tiles you would be looking for. Durability and sustainability are something you must consider, especially in the entryway and hallways of your home.

Porcelain is the perfect choice if you're searching for something adaptable that can go everywhere in your house. It offers a timeless appearance and reliable longevity. Due to its environmental friendliness and non-allergenic nature, it is particularly ideal for households with pets or young children.

A kitchen can look elegant and posh by using AGL's new range of Marble countertops and wood look tiles as floor tiles. By adding stone tile or dark wood tiles, homeowners may also give their bathrooms a creative makeover.

Now, let us discuss which tile you can incorporate and where!

Kitchen Tiles:

One of the most typical locations for tile installation is the kitchen. The tile that is laid on a kitchen's walls, often between the back of the counter and the bottom of the upper cabinets, is referred to as the kitchen backsplash. Kitchen backsplashes are a great way to amp up your kitchen interior game!

Use Pablo checks decor to give your kitchen a subtle yet luxurious look.


The bathroom provides you with personal space. It should be relaxing and a space where you can get off all the weariness of the day. Tiles are frequently used to stop any water damage to the floorboards because water tends to get everywhere once we get out of the shower or bath. Hence, the quality should also be kept in mind along with the look.

Lagnam Brown by AGL will add aesthetic value to your bathroom's interior.

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Shower Tiles

Now you must be thinking about the difference between bathroom tiles and shower tiles. There's a specific area that remains comparatively more wet and damp throughout the day and that is the shower area. The bathroom area is just slightly damp and not wet. Hence, the requirement of the kind of tiles is also different.

Civitas decor by AGL is a great way to change the look of your shower area. Use it as floor tile or wall tile and Entry


Another area of the house with a tile floor is the foyer. It is often said that the first impression is the last and so when one enters your house, they must feel the luxury and warmth as soon as they walk in. A gorgeous wall decorated using MarbleX will enhance the look of your house.

Check out Grestek MarbleX for designs that you would not want to miss!

Laundry Room

Use bathroom tiles for such areas because they are water resistant. The in-trend designs include very subtle tone laundry interiors that comprise a manageable and small space of your house.

If you are revamping your house or rebuilding it on a budget, choose AGL's tiles. We offer the best quality tiles at the best price.


Compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are stronger, denser, and less porous. Since porcelain tiles are resistant to chipping, scratching, and staining, they are perfect for use as floor coverings in high-traffic areas.

We refer to porcelain tile as having a slower rate of water absorption. For areas with a lot of moisture, like restrooms, this is always recommended. The reason for this, though, is that porcelain tiles are made from finer, denser, and more resistant clay than ceramic ones. so, ceramic and porcelain tiles, both work well as bathroom floor tiles.

Ceramic tile is softer, denser, and less water resistant than porcelain tile. This is so that it can offer even more advantages for the shower because it is fired at a higher temperature. There are several hues, patterns, and sizes available for porcelain tiles at AGL.

Hardwood Flooring or wood-look tiles look great in entryways because they give guests a crisp, clean first impression of your house.