Engineered Marble VS. Natural Marble: Which One to Choose?

Marble's flawless beauty has made it one of the savviest home design options for consumers. The intrinsic state-of-the-art design may be enhanced with marble flooring in the living room or a marble-topped kitchen counter. Do you want to know if engineered marble is the same as natural marble? Let's look at the differences between natural and engineered marble. 

Engineered Marble VS Natural Marble- Overview

Engineered marble varies from genuine marble in terms of geological activity, illustrating the elusiveness of technology. It's a human-made structure consisting of small marble pieces, stone dust, quartz, sand, colophony, plastic, cement, and acrylic glue, all mixed together in a particular proportion. The mixture is aggressively agitated under vacuum and then placed in a mould under high pressure to solidify and produce firm marble stones.

Calcite makes up the majority of natural marble, which is a metamorphic stone. It's a kind of limestone that has evolved through time as a result of extreme pressure and heat. While some marbles are pure white, others contain a rainbow of colour veins due to the many minerals found in the limestone. 

Engineered Marble VS Natural Marble- Maintenance

Engineered marble is a non-porous material that requires less care and maintenance. The manufacturing method of engineered marble makes it resistant to grease, stains, and discolouration. Artificial marbles may be cleaned using ordinary cleaners.

Natural marble is a valuable stone that requires a lot of upkeep. It is a strong yet fragile stone that, with time, can become discoloured or chipped. As a result, it's common practice to have it resealed every six months. Natural marble owners must avoid spilling oil, acidic liquids, or cleansers that are not compatible with the stone since they might harm it. 

Engineered Marble VS Natural Marble- Style & Aesthetics

Marble has traditionally been linked with opulence and refinement. While engineered marble comes close to resembling natural marble, it will never have the same appearance and feel. Because the manufactured product is mass-produced, the patterns will not be as distinctive or as deep as those seen in natural stone.

Engineered stone is often available in a variety of sizes and forms. On the other hand, natural stones may be customized to a greater extent in terms of size and shape. As a consequence, you might be able to find a single huge slab to use as a workbench. However, because engineered marble is only available in specific sizes, you may need to combine many slabs to get the desired size. That implies your benchtops will have noticeable joints.

Engineered Marble VS Natural Marble- Durability

Marble is a porous, soft material when compared to other natural stones. It is quickly chipped or damaged, and it stains easily.

Engineered marble is more scratch and stain resistant than natural marble. As a result, think about where your stone will go and how it will be used. Engineered marble may be a better choice in high-traffic areas like kitchens since it is more resilient and less prone to damage.

Engineered Marble VS Natural Marble- Environmental Effects

Natural marble has a low embodied energy, implying that it does not require a large amount of energy to generate the finished product. However, because most natural marble is mined outside the cities, transporting the slabs from the quarry to the end-user necessitates enormous transportation resources and energy.

Engineered marble has a far higher embodied energy than natural marble. During the manufacturing process, it also needs greater chemical inputs. Crushed stone may need to be imported, even though it can be manufactured locally to save on transportation costs.

Marble is the pinnacle of elegance. Several interior designers and homeowners are increasingly turning to marble, particularly artificial/engineered marbles, to make a fashion statement on a budget. While natural marble is priceless, manufactured marble is just as valuable.

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