Decorate Your House with Brick Tiles

The exposed brick walls that were outdated a few years ago; but are now back in trend, and we couldn't be happier!!

The warmth and rustic colour that bare brick tiles add to the room is timeless. Who does not like that feeling when they come home after a long tiring day from work??

Brick looking tiles are the beautiful and durable alternative for your home. They are very versatile; you can install them in the bathroom, laundry room, library, etc. You can also install them on floors or make an accent wall out of them or even use them as a backsplash. Fortunately, achieving this brick look is not that hard; brick tiles are an efficient way to upgrade the interiors and exteriors of your lovely home. 

If you are still not convinced about installing brick tiles at your home, maybe you will, after knowing about its advantages. 

Let's have a look at the benefits of using brick tiles for your next renovation:

  • One of the main reasons why you should choose brick tiles is their ease of installation. They can be installed on any pre-existing wall, floor, or surface, both inside and outside of your house.
  • Unlike wood and any other tiles, brick tiles are much easier to maintain. Just dust them, and they clean as new. You can even paint over them in the future if you do not like the colour.
  • Brick tiles come in a variety of colours and styles. Your brick tiles options are just as vast as the conventional brick- from contemporary sleek brick tiles to reclaimed brick look tiles.
  • Compared to adding a traditional brick wall, brick wall tiles take a lot less space and are also much lighter.

Apart from all these benefits, brick looking wall tiles add timeless yet chic allure to the home and makes it feel more homey. Brick looking tiles are basically the decorative bricks that bring the feeling of original vintage ones in our home. They are the perfect blend of a rustic and contemporary look.

How to Make Brick-Look Tiles Work??

You can add a creative look to your home by using artistic brick tiles. Here's how you can use brick-looking tiles in your home:

Brick as an Accent Wall: The classic exposed brown brick tiles are gorgeous for any corner. You can add a simple pop of interest, texture, and character by installing brick tiles on an accent wall or on an archway. These simple yet classic brick tiles will surely bring an awe factor to your home.

Brick as an Accent Wall

Brick as a Flooring: Brick tiles as a flooring? You might find this idea absurd, but believe us; they will look super cool in your room. You can install them at the entrance of the house or maybe in the laundry room or library. These decorative brick-looking tiles are not rough on your feet so, you can install them in your home. 

Brick as a Flooring

Brick for Exterior Walls: The splendour of the exterior wall is the first impression of your home. Have you wondered how impressive these rustic colourful exterior brick tiles will look at the exterior wall of your house?? Trust us; these brick tiles will look marvellous at the entrance of your home. 

Brick for Exterior Walls

Brick as a Backsplash: Do you like the combination of new and old, but do not want to go overboard?? Then these white brick tiles are your best option to create a minimalist monochrome look. You can install this as a backsplash in the kitchen; it will add texture and character without overdoing it.

Brick as a Backsplash

Brick for Fireplace: You can make your fireplace a focal point of your living room by adding brick-looking tiles. Installing striking brick designs to your fireplace will surely bring the eye of your visitors to it. Moreover, brick tiles are heat-resistant and so can be added to your fireplace surrounds, mantels, and back panels.

Brick for Fireplace

Brick for Bathroom: It is unusual to install brick tiles in your bathroom, but maybe you can stand out from the crowd?? Imagine how unique and elegant these grey tiles would look on your bathroom walls.

Brick for Bathroom

Ready to Design your Home with Brick Tiles??

If you want the illusion of exposed bricks in your home, then these brick-looking tiles by AGL are an excellent solution.

Browse our collection of floor tiles and wall tiles or simply visit our showroom, and we can help you to find the perfect brick tile for your space.