Debunking the Common Myths about Touchless Faucets

Modern technology has expanded its wings in every industry over the past few decades, and the home interior is no exception. Modern technology like touchless fittings & fixtures are making our homes smart and our life easier. 

Nowadays, Families from all over the world are focusing on staying safe & maintaining hygiene, which includes not touching any high-traffic touchpoints that may contain germs or viruses. And so, the demand for touchless faucets is now growing tremendously. 

A few years back, these smart faucets were only limited to the commercial kitchen and public bathrooms, but fortunately, this trend has now found its root in residential homes and bathrooms. These touchless faucets promote water sustainability and reduce germ spread, which is a win-win situation for us.

Debunking the Common Myths about Touchless Faucets

Let's have a look at some other benefits of installing touchless faucets in your home that you should be aware of:

  • It will give your room a sleek and sophisticated look and will increase the property value of your home.
  • Installing touchless faucets limits the spread of germs and bacteria, which can be harmful to you and your loved ones. 
  • It is extremely convenient when your hands are dirty while cooking.
  • Installing sensor taps saves loads of cleaning time, as we do not touch the sensor taps; they do not get dirty quite often.
  • Touchless faucets save about 70% water when compared to conventional faucets.
  • It is a handy alternative for people with disabilities.

Despite all these benefits of touchless faucets, there are some myths circulating in the market. And because of these myths, people are hesitant to choose these faucets. 

Here we'll discuss the myths and facts about touchless faucets that will solve all your queries about them.


Debunking the Common Myths about Touchless Faucets

MYTH: Touchless Faucets can have malfunctions with the sensors.

FACT: A good quality sensor tap from a well-known manufacturer like AGL Bathware ensures that the faucets do not have malfunction with the sensor. Just make sure that your faucets are properly installed, and you won't face the problem of faucets turning themselves on and off randomly. A good quality touchless faucet will sense your hand's location accurately and will turn on. 

MYTH: Installing Touchless Faucets can be a challenging job. 

FACT: If you have never worked with touchless faucets and do not know how to install them, it can be challenging. But if you seek professional help, they can install it effectively and precisely. Or you can check out the manual that comes with the faucet and see some videos online. Renowned manufacturers like us have experts who can easily install these touchless faucets for you.  

MYTH: Touchless Faucets are really expensive.  

FACT: It is probably the most common myth about touchless faucets, but it is not true, as you are paying for the advanced technology, looks, and less waste of water. These touchless faucets come in a wide range, so you can choose the one that fits your budget. Moreover, the money you spend on the faucets pays for itself by saving water & electricity.

MYTH: Touchless Faucets are hard to clean. 

FACT: It can definitely be challenging to clean the touchless faucet as every time you take your hand near it, the faucet sensor turns on. So you have to choose the reputed faucet manufacturer that ensures that they use advanced technology so that the faucet does not turn on when you touch the faucet. Ideally, a touch that lasts milliseconds should activate the flow, while a grip, push, or prolonged contact should not.

MYTH: Touchless Faucets are not suitable if you have kids and pets.

FACT: If you teach your kids how to use touchless faucets, it might not prove to be such a hurdle. In fact, many parents believe that their kids are more comfortable with the touchless faucet, as they were facing difficulty reaching the lever of the conventional faucet. And just like we mentioned before, an advanced technology faucet can differentiate between prolonged contact and a light touch, so you do not have to worry about it. 

There are certain pros and cons to both touch and touchless faucets, but when it comes to convenience, safety, energy & water sustainability- touchless faucets are the best. 

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