Charming Counter Tops Final

Composite Marble for Kitchens that Inspire

Your kitchen is a place of routine creativity and experimentation at home. Be it a loving meal for family, or just some extra leisure hours that you want to spend experimenting on a recipe you read up online, your Kitchen becomes a floating island where you create some delicious art. To feel inspired to do your best and feel happiness in everyday chores, it is important to be surrounded by beauty and comfort.

Having a beautiful kitchen can charm your family life!   

Healthy, delicious meals are the key to having a happy family. Rediscovering old recipes and venturing into adventurous new tastes can bring the family together at every meal – This is the little something that is so difficult to achieve in our busy lives. When you cook better, you live better.

Here’s the way to a more Beautiful Kitchen

We sometimes confuse beauty with decoration. When you’re aiming for a beautiful kitchen, remember to not compromise on its functionality. Do not add decorative elements like designer mosaic tiles and arty lights that hinder your style of cooking. On the face of things, adding design elements of modular kitchens may look allusive, but may have practical limitations with Indian or Asian styles of cooking. Many people recommend a new paint job or changing the colour of tiles, but in our experience, the simplest and safest way to beautify your kitchen is to add a new counter-top highlight.

What kinds of Countertops exist in the market?

When you look for countertops in the market, you’d find an overwhelming range of material that can be used. There is natural marble which is expensive but porous and therefore is easily stained and chipped. Granite countertops look rustic and might not appeal so much to one’s feminine side. Nevertheless, in comparison with concrete, wood or marble, granite makes for a sensible choice.

Countertops made of Engineered Marble or Composite Marble have many advantages to them. Unlike tiles, they are seamless and easier to clean. Engineered Marble or composite marble is a new-age material that is made of marble dust, plastic and synthetic polymers. It is non-porous in nature and easy to maintain. Unlike Tiles, engineered marble or composite marble is extremely long-lasting, and comes in a myriad of colours and natural patterns for you to choose from.

Which one should you choose?  

The biggest advantage of engineered marble or composite marble is its affordability. This is the least expensive of all natural stones and has serious plus points like surface non-porosity, seamlessness and dirt resistance. If you’re looking for a small update for your kitchen which keeps the charm alive, without investing a whole lot of money and time on it, engineered marble or composite marble could be just about what you’re looking for! So when are you upgrading your kitchen to elegance and beauty?