Bathrooms are the essential spaces of any Indian home. The trend has changed these days, now people invest more in designer, rich, grand bathrooms. Bathrooms are no longer a space of necessity, they are now the classiest part of the home. Bathroom floor tiles thus play a crucial role in Indian bathrooms. But how do you decide which are the best floor tiles for your bathrooms? Read this blog to know about the best bathroom floor tiles.

Mentioned below are the best bathroom floor tiles:

1. Ceramic bathroom floor tiles

Ceramic floor tiles are made of clay and hence, are available in wide variety of colours, shapes, textures, and sizes. It has been one of the most popular choices for Indian bathrooms and due to its matte finish, it has gained immense recognition. If you are looking for non-slippery floors then ceramic tiles are the best option. These are also easy to maintain and cost-effective. Thus, these are favourite bathroom floor tiles.


2. Marble

Marble is the renowned stone that comes to our minds when we think of flooring options for the home. This is because of the beauty that marbles are. These add immense charm to your homes and make it look absolutely Victorian. For similar reasons and more, marble is also a preferred choice for bathrooms. If you want to give your bathrooms a luxurious look and feel, then you should install marble at home. Moreover, marble has minimal care requirements. It also has the capacity to avoid pathogens and allergens on our surface and thus, it is the best bathroom floor tiles.


3. Granite

Granite is a prestigious material that is used to beautify the space. It has been used for several years now. It looks elegant and improves the quality of flooring. It gives your homes a decent appearance and comes in beautiful textures and patterns. Thus, these qualities of granite make it perfect as bathroom tiles. Moreover, granite also prevents water seepage and has allergen-resistant properties. So, if you are looking for the perfect floor tiles for your bathroom, this is a great option.


Hence, these are some of the best suited bathroom floor tiles.


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