Are you looking to renovate your bathroom or apartment? Consider thinking out-of-the-box and using large format tiles to make the area look spacious and contemporary.

Large format tiles are aesthetically pleasing and among the most popular home décor trends of 2016. From flooring to accent walls, they offer many benefits over the regular size tiles and are therefore the preferred choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Apart from being durable and easy to clean, their contemporary minimalist designs including natural stone, marble and granite as also the reduction in grout lines make large format tiles a compelling choice. So how can you renovate your bathroom with large format tiles to take it to the next level?

Ideas to Give Your Bathroom a Makeover with Large Format Tiles

While it may sound ironical, but large format tiles actually make the small bathroom space appear bigger and brighter. The minimalist colors, reduction in grout lines give a seamless space dimension and flow to make the small area of bathroom look spacious.

Natural-stone-look or Matt-finish Flooring:

Choosing a natural stone- look or matt-finish enables clean lines, simple finish and relaxed environment. New innovative large format tiles like the JUMBO (1000 x 1000mm) or IMPERIO (800 x 800mm) by AGL Tiles enable a uniform design that causes minimal distraction and makes the space appear larger. It also makes the bathroom space look sophisticated and luxurious.

Grout Lines:

As with the tile color and pattern, the grout lines are equally important as they enhance the look. Especially in case of large format tiles, it is advisable to choose grout lines that are as close to the color of the tile in order to create a seamless space and make the bathroom appear spacious. It is also important to ensure that they are rectified so they can be set tight with narrow grout joints. You can also choose to have contrasting grout to emphasize the color of tiles.


Secure bonding during installation is very important in case of large format tiles and it is important to prevent them from sagging or slipping. Use contrast wall accent by using digital wall tiles or Ceramic wall tiles to enhance the appeal of your bathroom. Using large format tiles as wall-accents also helps open up space and lengthen bathroom wall.

Large format tiles really add a luxurious appeal to your bathroom while also making it appear spacious and easy-to-maintain.