Kitchen floor tiles

Discover a new way to design your home you have always wanted! A home that is safe for the entire family, elders or children. Choosing a home floor tile that is slip-resistant, durable and waterproof as also adds a unique personality to your home can make all the difference. Best home tiles combine both performance and good looks.

With children and elderlies at homes, it is a place prone to accidents. We need to take extra care that floor tile isn’t slippery. Therefore, you must opt for anti-slip floor tiles that not only help make your home a safer and accident-free zone but also make it easy to clean and maintain.

1. How to make your home safe with anti-slip floor

Discover simple easy ways to make your home safe with anti-slip flooring that include choosing the right type of tile and pattern apart from other quick tips.

2. AGL Floor Tiles

AGL offers floor tiles with versatility, durability and are a great choice for home for their low porosity, and resistance to stain, scratches and moisture. The amazing collection of AGL Tiles is an excellent example of new-age floor tiles.

For those who want something different than a tile, luxurious, and budget isn’t an issue, Marbles and Quartz is the most preferred option. However, those on a budget can also opt for ceramic tile, vitrified and porcelain tiles for its ability to offer durability apart from better stain and water resistance.

3. Higher grout lines

Choose to have more grout lines as these helps to create friction and thus make your home safer and accident-free zone. Although large format tiles are in vogue, choosing tiles of 600 x 600 dimension or more allow for more grout lines and better support.

4. Set up curbs to set boundaries

Creating curbs in the home creates demarcated zones and does not allow the water in the home to travel outside. It is best to have curbs laid out in contrast colours around the home floor so they easily stand out as also add to the aesthetic value of your home. Give your home the edge with AGL Tile’s innovative and truly avant-garde collection of vitrified, ceramic or porcelain tiles manufactured using innovative digital printing technology.

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