5 Pooja Room Design Ideas for Indian Homes / AGL Tiles

Every home in India, be it small or big, has a dedicated Pooja calm space, where they can forget about all their worries and just dedicate their time to worshiping god. 

Pooja Room is probably the most sacred room in the house, and so it should be designed keeping in mind the ease of maintenance and cleaning. The design and pooja room tiles used in designing the room should be classic & elegant with clean patterns. Not only that, but it also needs to have some stunning elements that will compel you to stay there and pray some more.

Here are a few tips that you should follow to keep the Pooja room clean and functional:

  • The pooja ghar should have a serene ambiance; therefore, there should not be any clutter that might disturb the calmness.
  • This auspicious space should have separation from the other rooms of the house, especially when it connects to the social space.
  • The lighting in the room also defines the elegance and serenity of the Pooja room. And so make sure the lightings should not be too bright or too dull; it should be just perfect. 
  • Limit your accessories!! Avoid clutter at all costs; just add what is necessary and eliminate what is not.
  • The idols in the room should be proportional to the size of the pooja room. If the pooja room is big, go for big statues and if the room is small, go for small statues.
  • Lastly, make sure that the placement of the god’s idols is according to the guidelines of puja room Vastu Shastra.

Now that what things we should keep in mind before planning the pooja room design, let see some modern pooja room tiles design using AGL Tiles that will add an aesthetically pleasing element to the room without much hassle.

Marble-Looking Tiles:

Marble is always the first choice of everyone when it comes to the pooja room tiles, but they are highly porous and so are quite high maintenance. But don't worry now we have a wide range of marble looking tiles available in the market. They are not high maintenance and have a look of real marble. These marble looking pooja tiles by AGL will give your room a very classic look. You can use these tiles for pooja room floor tiles as well as pooja room wall tiles.

Marble-Looking Tiles:</

Decorative Vitrified Tiles:

Vitrified tiles are very easy to maintain, and they are quite dazzling. The soft hues of blue, brown, and beige will make your small pooja room spacious. If you don't want these designs in the whole room, you can install these vitrified tiles for the pooja room in the centre such that they form a full square; it will make your room seem alluring. No one would want to take their eyes off the beautifully intricate designs of these tiles by AGL.

Decorative Vitrified Tiles
Decorative Vitrified Tiles

Wooden Planks:

Rustic wood in any part of the house, be it a living room or pooja room, always adds warmth and keeps you connected to your roots. But if you do not want to go for natural wooden planks, there are other alternatives present in the market now. You can find various engineered wood options in AGL's catalogue. Just because you are opting for engineered wood tiles, you do not have to compromise on the authentic rustic look of wood. These traditional pooja room tiles will segregate the pooja room from the whole house beautifully.

Wooden Planks
Wooden Planks

Artistic 3-D Tiles:

3-D tiles are getting very popular in the last few years because of their uniqueness. Installing these tiles in the pooja room will totally transform the look of the room into an amazing landscape. These tiles for the god room will add visual depth to the room, making it visually appealing. With minimal effort, you can enhance the look of the pooja room by using these mandir wall tile designs. 

Artistic 3-D Tiles

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