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Tile Concept
  1. Hexa Culture (3)
  2. Hexa Elegance (3)
  3. Hexa Ethnic (3)
  4. Hexa Morden Decor (5)
  5. Hexa Star (3)
  6. Hexa Stylin (3)
  7. Hexa Trend (3)
Tile Type /Suitability
  1. Floor (23)
  1. 305 X 350 mm (23)


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Fantastic range of floor tiles - Hexacon Tiles by AGL Tiles

Hexacon Tiles by AGL Tiles are a unique range of designer tiles. Transform your home completely and make it a luxurious space with AGL Tiles. These bathroom and kitchen tiles are available in 305x350 mm size. The unique design of tiles and their fantastic patterns make it more appealing. Install these floor tiles in any area of your space and give it a completely different look. All products by AGL are crafted to suit the needs of our customers. AGL Tiles is known for its supreme quality products and the wide range of designs. Explore our unique collection, today!