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Interlocking Tiles Price

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Interlocking Tiles Price

When it comes to landscaping your driveway, front entryway, backyard patios, or pool decks, interlocking tiles are a popular choice. It is long-lasting, flexible, and comes in a variety of forms to suit any landscape. The interlocking tiles price is determined by three factors: the size of the interlocking tiles, the type of stone, and the square footage. 

Their main feature is that, unlike normal tiles, they are not bonded to the floor; instead, they are simply placed down and held in place by compacted sand injected under the pavers and in the gaps between them, owing to the interlocking pavers' side distancing slots.

Interlock is available in a variety of forms, shapes, and sizes, all of which contribute to the interlocking tiles price. The interlocking tiles price is also determined by the sort of material used to make it - manufactured vs natural.

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