Anti-Skid Tiles for Your House this Monsoon!

There are numerous tiles available in the market but have you ever thought if these tiles are ideal for monsoon season. Since monsoon is around the corner, people who tumble down now and then must learn to keep a hold on their grip. You must have always thought about how you could save yourself from that kind of accident, right? To bring a solution to this problem, we are here with the perfect solution. Anti-Skid tiles by AGL bring slip-free floor tile material, especially for outdoor areas. You could also use these tiles in moisture-prone areas like washrooms and bathrooms.  

Advantages of Anti-Skid Tiles

The speciality of this tile is that it has an anti-slip floor coating to withstand even when the floor is wet and soapy. The anti-skid vitrified tiles are ideal for outdoor use since they are resilient and give the designs a sense of timeless beauty. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few reasons to use anti-skid vitrified tiles this monsoon 2022.

1. Prevents Accidents:

People are more prone to mishaps while using traditional tiles with smooth surfaces. These smooth-surfaced tiles become slick and hazardous for onlookers when water or another liquid coats them. The regular tiles can be dangerous, particularly for the family's elderly members. Anti-skid vitrified tiles are moisture-resistant. These tiles are therefore resistant to sliding even when they are wet. So, the next time you're enjoying your time in the bathroom, dancing or singing, don't worry because our ultimate range of anti-skid tiles will save you.

2. Less Friction:

Anti-skid tiles have a porous surface which helps them to withstand moisture and soapy liquid spills, resulting in reducing the friction successfully. Walking on a wet tile won't scare you anymore! It is highly unlikely for anyone to fall on these tiles.

3. Low Maintenance Tiles:

It is important to consider the maintenance of a product before buying it. It is a very important aspect to consider especially when you are someone who prefers a systematic approach toward cleanliness. Anti-skid vitrified tiles are water and stain-resistant. Not only that but they are also easy to clean. You will not have to spend a lot on expensive detergents and soaps to clean these tiles.

4. Durability:

Due to their thickness and great resistance to water and stains, anti-skid vitrified tiles survive longer than other traditional tiles. Over time, the tiles' lustre does not change. Anti-skid tiles are quite resilient and hence the weathering process is slow. These tiles do not get scratched easily. Its porous nature makes it even more durable. Next time you set out to buy tiles for bathroom or outdoor tiles, take a back seat and relax. 

5. Convenient to Install:

These tiles are simple to install and take less time to complete. It is risky to walk on a slippery surface since slips and falls are more likely. Decide wisely while selecting anti-skid tiles, then! By offering anti-skid vitrified tiles, which are both inexpensive and fashionable, AGL Tiles have simplified your decision-making process. They come in a variety of sizes, colours, and textures. These tiles are used for walls in addition to floors.


The special quality of anti-skid tiles is that they produce a surface that is both safe and non-slip. These tiles' unique covering offers the ideal grip. When it comes to remodelling bathrooms, these tiles are among the most popular.

Every home has wet areas by default. Areas like the bathroom are bound to be wet. Accidents like slipping are common in wet areas. Because of this, anti-slip flooring is necessary.

Some warm water and detergent powder can help in cleaning the bathroom easily. You will not need any expensive detergent to clean your bathroom area.

The best anti-skid tiles are those made of vitrified material, which features a floor coating that prevents slipping even on wet or soapy surfaces. This eliminates the chance of slipping.