Kitchen Trends 2020

We bring you the mixture of traditional and contemporary kitchen tile designs and decor ideas with personal touches sprinkled in it.

Sleek Simplicity

The best way to let yourkitchen décor elements stand out? Keep kitchen backsplash or kitchen wall tiles simple. The year 2020 has taught us in terms of home décor that simplicity is key. AGL Kitchen tiles have variety to offer. If you seek wall tiles with minimal detailing to let kitchen sink, faucet and furniture shine, browse through the collection here!

Choose your favourite colour for kitchen countertop

Using colours in Kitchen influences mood and perception. The important part in terms of home décor is that, colour itself can be a trending element, too. Expect to see various shades of different coloured cabinetry used in new and interesting ways soon.

Designer kitchen tiles for bold backsplashes

AGL Kitchen tiles collection is championing statement-making backsplashes in the kitchen. Large kitchen tile backsplashes will continue to be popular, and the designs will get more elaborate and serve as art. We see them being mixed with unique statement lighting and textures.

Natural wood tones in the kitchen

In wood look alike tilesyou would get the wood's natural grain to shine. Wood is having a moment in both cabinetry and furniture. Keep the look more tonal—like these black kitchen cabinets. It will bring a warmth to any kitchen space, especially those trending wood look alike tiles!

Mix-and-Match kitchen tiles

When it comes to decorating our home, we feel like everything has to match perfectly. But this isn’t true always.The year 2020 is not about being matchy-matchyand that goes double for your kitchen wall tiles. Embrace the different colours on your kitchen walls by incorporating AGL designer tiles and see the magic it creates.

Faucets for kitchen sink

Choose a nice gold, black, rose gold or chrome finishes for your knobs and then go with a cool matte or shiny faucet and white bathware. Choose a whole different colored metal for your lighting fixtures in the bathroom.

Open shelves in front of plain tiles

Open shelves allow you to showcase your beautiful kitchen utensils among other decors and antiques. The ability to see through your storage also means everything is easy to find. Using plain tiles at the back also helps to highlight shelves and storage units.

Keep your kitchen open!

Maximize living space by making the hall or family room and kitchen combines as one large room. A small wall covered with dark wall tiles and a mix of lighting helps differentiate the areas.

Browse through the amazing AGL kitchen tiles or visit the nearest AGL showroom!