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A bathroom is an essential space for an Indian home. And unlike the old days, today, the bathroom trend has changed. People are investing more in the rich, classy and large bathrooms. This is where the bathroom floor tiles play a key role. AGL has one of India's largest online tiles collections and a wide range of bathroom tiles.

So, if you’re considering renovating your bathroom before 2019 comes to an end, we've collected thirteen bathroom tiles trends that we think will continue to attract attention from designers and DIYers.

Read this blog to find out which designs to miss and which ones to consider for your bathroom to get into the most classy bathroom list.

1. Diamond Silver Bathroom

Diamond Silver Bathroom tiles

This year is all about the a-typical and unique bathroom tiles. If you want to give your bathroom an ultra-modern and ultra-sleek look, then try the diamond silver trend for your bathroom walls. This can make your space look very urban and cutting-edge. Accentuate a particular bathroom wall with these tiles to add a different dimension. Have a silver Bathware for sophisticated look & feel.

2. Grey and Black Bathroom

Grey and Black Bathroom tiles

A mixture of grey and black tiles has been overlooked in the past. It creates an illusionary effect with a glossy finish which makes small space sparkle. Black-Grey gloss finish is actually a better fit for a relaxed mood. Its softness will complement the glow of candles, and make the room feel calm in natural light. 

3. Classic Red Bathroom

Classic Red Bathroom tiles

Red walls in the bathroom can give off a cool, blissful yet stylish and elegant effect. Red has been one of the most popular when it comes to bathroom interior design. Different shades and hues of red can give your bathroom a stylish edge that leaves a beautiful impact.

4. Subway white tiles

Subway White Bathroom tiles

You cannot underestimate the elegance of marbles and certainly not when it comes to white marbles. This is a sure option that comes to the mind when it is about choosing the floor tiles. Install composite marbles in your bathroom to add a luxurious charm. A different designer wall tiles with a reflective and shiny finish will modernize your space like never before.

5. Nature blue bathroom

Nature blue Bathroom tiles

How about this steaming combination of blue and white? Lay some patterned blue wall tiles and all-white bathroom floor tiles. Match them with white ceramic fixtures and stainless steel faucets and white AGL Bathwares. Looks ravishing!

6. Cosmic Green Bathroom

Cosmic Green Bathroom tiles

If you are a person that loves a subtle nature-green kind of look, go for this one. This look utilizes aqua green-tinted wall tiles with light teal tint of floor tiles. To give it a crisp look, you can also go for the cement texture of matt floor tiles.

7. Wood and Marble Mixture Bathroom

Wood and Marble Mixture Bathroom tiles

A simple suave bathroom sink enhances the entire bathroom space. The patterned wall tiles in tiny teal and beige mosaic square design amplify the white glow of this bathroom floor. Dark wooden channels of the fixtures here exaggerate the entire beauty.

8. Honey Golden Bathroom

Honey Golden Bathroom tiles

What a great combination of barely beige fixtures and honey golden bathroom floor tiles! Not much common in the market, this combo is best if you have planned a unique and exclusive spa and sauna space. Match this look with white bathtub and sink and be a 2019 bathroom trendsetter.

9. Dominator Grey Bathroom

Dominator Grey Bathroom tiles

If subtleness is something that fascinates you the most, go for a grey bathroom. Even in all grey, this white bathtub, sink, and countertop uplift the beauty of this bathing space. The key role in this look is the charcoal textured wall tiles and matt finish of Hemingway floor tiles.

10. All in one shade Bathroom

Different shades of Bathroom tiles

There are people who don’t want to incorporate many colors in their bathroom. For them, this concept is an inspiration. Fixtures, bathroom furniture, walls, ceiling and floors, all in shades of white or beige and still look classy! For a change, you can have wooden bathroom furniture for a contrasting look & feel.

11. Warming Brown Bathroom

Warming brown Bathroom tiles

AGL brown bathroom floor tiles are the center of attraction here which is complemented by a large ornate mirror with a golden line, finish faucets and large white bathing space. Match it with chiffon light-colored curtains and nothing can make you leave your bathroom!

12. Bold and Beautiful Bathroom

Bold and Beautiful Bathroom tiles

What do you think about this classy and bold look? Install the glossy-finish AGL ceramic floor tiles. You can also go with the matte finish for a change. Have a backsplash wall or pick multiple patterns for wall tiles as a highlighter. Choose shades like grey and black for a bold bathroom to revamp.

13. Rustic ivory look

Rustic ivory Bathroom tiles

This look is more about the bare beige tint which goes best with the ivory shade. Look how plain beige bathroom floor tiles and ivory furniture go in the same tune – it’s more of the mix-and-match pattern. You can even enhance the space by installing a Jacuzzi. It would become a grand bathroom for sure!

So, which bathroom tiles trend are you going to incorporate for your bathroom from AGL?